Soznak album

"Soznak, a group comprised of multi-ethnic musicians, has released a charming collection of music filled with originality on their latest album "Dear Dad Tango." This group offers a wide assortment of musical instruments ranging from accordion to African drums. The chemistry between the musicians is felt throughout this disc with their high-spirited energy. Feel the horn section on "Tata Y Mama" as the rhythm is bouncy with harmonious lyrics. "Cooking in the Kitchen" is a formula for good music and food while the vocals and wind section take this number up a notch. The title track "Dear Dad Tango" features lyrics that are strong and emotional, while simultaneously describing sentimental values of the loss of a loved one. For listeners who would like to hear a mixture of different types of instruments infused with catchy beats, Soznak's "Dear Dad Tango" is well worth listening to and should definitely be checked out."

Soznak Album:

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